Nationwide Drivers Lose Millions by Not Knowing Rights to Diminished Value of Vehicle After Accident

Getting your car repaired is only 50% of the process

Collecting Diminished Value is the other 50%.

Your Auto Repair Invoice is an Uncashed Check Under the Right Conditions

Drivers lose money by not knowing how to get back lost re-sale value after an accident. Don't leave your money with the insurance company.


What is Diminished Value?

Simply put, Diminished Value is the difference between the market value of a vehicle prior to a collision or other damage, and its value after. Ask yourself, if two identical vehicles are for sale with identical mileage, options, and condition, one was damaged and repaired and one that was never damaged, which car is worth more?

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Diminished Value

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You can file a claim for the Diminished Value of your vehicle if:

An accident resulted in frame or significant structural damage

The vehicle did not have a salvaged title.

You were not at fault in the accident.

Strong Diminished Value claims include:

Your vehicle does not have high mileage

Your vehicle is a newer vehicle

Your vehicle has a high pre-loss value

Your vehicle had not been in an accident previously


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